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  • Rock fall blocks major Highland road January 31, 2015
    A major route in the Highlands - the A82 road - has been restricted to one lane because of a rock fall. […]
  • Victim fund tops £120k in two days January 31, 2015
    Well-wishers donate more than £120,000 in two days to help a disabled pensioner who was mugged outside his Gateshead home. […]
  • 'Mistake' to arm police with Tasers January 31, 2015
    A Welsh police and crime commissioner says the proposal to offer Tasers to all front-line police officers is a mistake. […]
  • 'Dozens killed' in Ukraine fighting January 31, 2015
    At least 40 people, including soldiers and civiliains, are reported to have died in eastern Ukraine as ceasefire talks begin in the capital of Belarus. […]
  • Balloonists complete Pacific journey January 31, 2015
    Two pilots in a helium balloon complete their crossing of the Pacific with a sea-landing off Mexico, setting two new milestones on a six-day trip. […]

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