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  • Republicans in latest TV debate battle February 7, 2016
    Seven Republicans seeking the party's nomination to run for the White House have returned to the stage in the latest TV debate.
  • Scores trapped in Taiwan quake rubble February 7, 2016
    A total of 132 people remain trapped under the rubble of an apartment block in the Taiwanese city of Tainan after Saturday's earthquake, officials say.
  • North Korea fires long-range rocket February 7, 2016
    North Korea fires a long-range rocket in defiance of international warnings, after announcing it intended to put an earth observation satellite into orbit.
  • Thatcher's 'EU view' among Sunday's front pages February 7, 2016
    Among a series of front-page stories on the upcoming EU referendum is one from the Sunday Times suggesting that the late prime minister Margaret Thatcher would vote to stay in the EU were she still alive to cast her vote.
  • The snipers trained to protect rhinos February 7, 2016
    The snipers with rhino poachers in their sights

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