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Namaste India Ltd. offers tailor-made tours to Incredible India with full of monuments, history, culture, festivity and color. Choose from an exciting array of exotic Indian destinations and value-packed programs: Golden, sun-drenched, un-crowded beaches in Goa and Kerala; romantic, palace holidays in Rajasthan; dreamland Kashmir and other picturesque Himalayan getaways; hill retreats in South India; and the timeless, eternal beauty of the Taj Mahal. 


Garden Aspects’ professional garden designing is not just with colours, trees or stones………..

Having the skill and expertise to transform your garden into the most comprehensive style and form of expressions —— making it a heaven of beauty and a pleasure for all your senses.

Your garden will become an extension of your home where you will be irresistibly drawn to spend many relaxed, tranquil and enjoyable hours. Believing that designing your garden is about creating an outdoor space that makes you happy and compliments your lifestyle. 


Studio Shradha, based in Gujrat, India has gained status of International Photographers due to regular contracts in UK, plus contracts within Far East and Europe. Non-Indian Residents (NRI) are now more in favour of having their family weddings In India (Rajashthan, Goa, etc..) for a much up-market and cost effective functions.
The main photographer for Studio Shradha has been trained in UK (both on Digital and Analog), stayed in UK for several years, therefore, communication regarding the needs of the family, bride and groom is much easier. First hand experience within the western countries has progressed him to an international standard.
Studio Shradha uses the most up-to-date technology with high resolution photography.. 

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